I have been asked by many people to share some of the training I received as a profession actress in the states. I hope to be able to share this training with anyone interested in learning alternative ways to approach performing. I am by no means an expert, but I do have a lot of experience and am willing to share that with people willing to try and learn new ways of working. Let me know what you are interested in, and we can build useful workshops together.

After almost 15 Years hiatus from working as a performer, I had my flame reignited in October last year doing The 39 Steps at The Theatre of Ancon. The Directing team of Giancarlo Benedetti and Rob Getmen cast me in The 39 Steps and then again this past year in Clue. Plus Co-Directed CHRISTMAS STOPPING, and producing SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL at the Guild. The Bug is back and I am enjoying the work again.