Stage Movement

Movement for the Actor

Why does an actor need to know about movement?  This workshop will show alternative ways to move on stage, define upstage, downstage, proper on stage etiquette for fellow actors, how to move and open to the audience, how to glide, clomp, walk, or skip, depending on the characters needs across the stage.

1) Don’t bump into the furniture

2) Technical terms

3) Styles, Period, Deformities, 

4) Clothing and how it effects the movement of character/actor

5) Props, handling of items on stage, off stage

6) Proper warm ups for an actor

Requirements to take class

Men – hard sole shoes
pants, no jeans, belt
button up shirt long sleeves.
all can be any color

Women character shoes (no higher than 2″ heels) sandals do not count
skirt no shorter than knee length, can be longer but not shorter.
button up blouse long sleeves
all can be any color
alternative clothing for movement, sweat pants, t shirt, tennis shoes, no shorts, water, pencil and paper
age group 18 and above.

physical limitations – none
English comprehension – MUST

Max class 12 students/participants