Voice Workshop

Voice workshop intensive 4 hours.

This proposal is to begin the lifelong training of new to theatre actors/actresses who wish to improve their vocal skills. Deepen their understanding of their vocal instrument, how to exercise that instrument, protect the instrument, and change that instrument for characters or regional changes. This Voice Workshop is to introduce good vocal practices to actors, dancers, people who are interested in learning about the speaking voice. It is a beginning, as the voice training for performers is never ending. The practice and exercise of the voice should never stop and growth and learning should never end.

This is not the ultimate class/workshop. This is an introduction; as vocal training is long term.
Once this first vocal workshop is completed, future more advanced workshops can be considered depending on the interest from the participants.

1) Sat or Sunday 10:00 am to 2:30 PM (one 20 Minute Break)

2) Maximum 10 participants minimum 5 participants

3) $35 per person for Guildies, $45 for non members

4) Agenda

a. Freeing the natural voice (Edith Skinner, Kristin Linklater)
b. Anatomy of vocal system
c. Proper breathing techniques
d. Proper enunciation techniques
e. Tricks of voice manipulation
f.  Diction essentials
g. Exercises to strengthen and expand the voice
h.  New tongue twisters and warm up practices

5) Items I will provide

a. Easel and flip chart
b. Vocal Exercise sheets
c. Canned goods (10)
d. 10 pencils

6) Students required to provide:

a. Personal water
b. Personal small towel
c. Comfortable clothing
d. A desire to learn.


Exercise sheets